Senuke TNG Review? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Senuke TNG Review has given you the maximum superior search engine optimization tool in 2016. I continually questioned what Senuke is going to bring in 2016 for search engine optimization for the reason that there aren’t any ordinary updates for Senuke xcr in 2016. And finally the bad ass version of Senuke called Senuke TNG is available on internet. Let me inform you this time the Senuke team comes up with super automated white hat back linking stuff. Yes, You read it right. Now you can build authority backlinks with Senuke with automated and schedule system. It’s no where near to black hat anymore all of the focus is basically assembled on white hat link building stuff and social signals. There are lots of new features and stuff is available in Senuke TNG Review.

                                                            Senuke TNG Review is latest and one of the most waited SEO tool of 2016. Everybody knows the impact of Senuke brand on their website. Do I need to explain or tell me what you can do with Senuke XCR ? oh commmmm’on Just let it be, Senuke TGN comes with lots of upgrades, new stuff, material and actionable kick ass campaign ready to kick off google ranking. This time Senuke team provides you lots of well known but high quality link building stuff and approach. Some of them are listed below in parts:

  1. High quality social links
  2. Excellent press releases
  3. Web profiles from authority websites
  4. New and Unique SEO campaigns
  5. Improved automation and metrics features

Senuke TNG Review

Senuke TNG Review

As we know that very well from many years google is coming up with new updates and algorithm changes. There are lots of google updates already effecting the way we do seo till now. But being a part of professional SEO agency I actually know very well that Backlinks are still most important factor of ranking on google. But now days we can not go and start spamming your websites with unwanted and poor backlinks. For better ranking and results you need backlinks from authority websites. More you make authority links more juice will pass and better you get result on google ranking. and here Senuke TNG comes in play.

Senuke TNG Review just changes the way we do seo. Now we don’t need to create lots of crappy backlinks for our money site. As I said earlier if you wanna rank high in google you have to create authority backlinks, So Senuke TNG will create you high authority backlinks on super auto pilot mode. You just grab your website url and keywords, insert the info in Senuke TNG and press start. Boom!! Senuke TNG will do all the work for you automatically.

Senuke TNG Review Includes

  • Verified Email Accounts
  • Generate Verified Proxies When You Want
  • List of Authority Website To Drop You Link
  • An Awesome Superlative Content and Spinner
  • New Auto Captcha Solving Stuff
  • Plenty of New Link Building Pre Define Campaigns
  • Easy To Follow Training Video

Senuke TNG Review Features

Enhanced Article Manager : As in Senuke XCR we will create article when you fired up your campaign but this time you can create, remove and alter your content any time you want. There is no obligation and huddle in between. In fact there is linking between article manager and your each and every campaign. Along with these things, Senuke TNG comes up with unique content and material for your campaign. Each and every step in this campaign is simply automated you just need to fill up the details of your niche, keywords and products and you are ready to go.

Super Smart Link Management : This is one of the most anticipated and powerful feature of Senuke TNG. At least I found it really great and comprehensive, This time senuke TNG needs a keyword from you. And it will go deeply and search and article or web page for you and place your website link on that specific niche and keyword related page without mentioning your targeted keyword and that make your backlinks 100% natural. Not only that Senuke TNG will check your drop link on regular basis if its still live or not.

New Automated Spinning: Now Senuke create lots of new content for you on one click. Senuke TNG supports almost every kind of spinner with its new version. TBS has been integrated with full depth participation and comes with lots of new spinning features and words. So, in short now you can create 100% unique and readable content just with simple one click.

Automatic Authority Backlinks : This is not one of the best features of Senuke TNG but its simply the best, most wanted and powerful feature of Senuke TNG. Senuke will go and find super high authority websites with high Domain authority or Page authority and drop your link on that website with possible way. It does not matter if its profile page, comment or listing. Senuke will create an awesome and human looking backlink for your website.

Loop Mode: Well, this one is little bit techie, but it provides hell shit of performance. I think this time Senuke beats lots of automated seo tools as they just come with new loop mode where you can set loop for your every campaign for while and forever. Suppose if you create an account that fetch an unique article and drop your link on some site. but here is the magic in case you wanna get backlink for website. you just have to do nothing. It will regenerate new article and get new backlinks for you. In more depth, if you are ranking on 1st page and by any way if your rank drop back to 2nd page. Loop mode will get alert and research the proportional area again and find new content and create new backlinks for you. And Boom!! Soon you will get back to 1st page again,

Color Coding : Now campaigns are set up with new color codes and detailed information.  You can easily judge the report of entire campaign. If its started or not, completed or not, if it’s complete then how many times it has completed the task, how much time it will take to complete the next task. Each and every information is explained with different color codes and written infograhics

Collapsible List : So, as we know in Senuke XCR we just get a long list after every task. Here I mean long list by backlinks we have generated after every campaign. Fine ? well, here in Senuke TNG you will get the list again but this time list will comes up in alphabetical order, and with specific label so user can easily differentiate every link.  There are different kinds of variations added to grab the long list in systematical manners.

Crowd Search : With latest google updates and changes we all knows CTR does matter and plays a handy role in ranking a specific url. If a website get very high and top notch CTR. Google gives it value and rank it higher as compare to their close competitors. So, with this latest edition of Senuke XCR it will search your website on google and make a proper human behavior kind of click, browse your website site for time being which improve your CTR in google eyes.

High PR Social Networks : Everybody knows the importance of social links for search engine ranking. Even google itself accepted that they give values to social signals a lot as it involves a lot of real user behavior. So with this model of Senuke TNG Review you can create unlimited number of social profiles, links and networks, Yes we all knows that everybody says we should create social accounts manually. But what if I wanna create hundreds and thousands of natural looking social links ? then I have to go for Senuke TNG. It seems to be simple as you read but believe me. Social Links feature of Senuke TNG is very vast and 50 times better then other specialized social tools

Wait Projects : I have seen lots of users talking about this feature here and there and many people saying this is an awesome features comes up with senuke to stop and play the campaign inside projects. But for me there is nothing new. We already have this schedule your campaign feature  in Senuke XCR. So, I have nothing specific to explain for this. For me its well known features and we already knows about that as we have used it in earlier version. They said they have improved the scheduling stuff but I hardly found anything new for this. (sorry pals but that’s true) 🙂

Built In OCR: Most time saving, money saving and effort saving stuff is here. In built captcha OCR. Senuke TNG can solve almost any kind of captcha even google recaptcha also  e.g. that particular “I’m not bot” kind of new captcha too. And I have tried their captcha system and believe me it’s working fine.  In short if you using Senuke TNG it means you are going to save lots of dollars as it can easily break up any captcha. Good Stuff Areeb, way to go.

Streamlined Wizard : As we know wizard is the core functionality of any Senuke tool. They are infect well known for their wizard system and process. But with this new gem of program even they have improve it more and make it easier for normal user and advance user. Now you can create you own design even before starting any campaign. Which means you can have test run of each and every design to see if it works as you expected or not.  Even now Senuke TNG suggests you more title, meta tags, keywords and perfect time to kick off your campaign.  Another Top Notch stuff.

Spider Tool: Do I need to explain it at all ? If you familiar with google indexing system then I don’t think I need to explain it all. But if you are not familiar with spider then let me tell you after creating all your backlinks you have to wait for google to visit your backlinks and index them and it may take some time . because there is not sure shot when google gona crawl or index your pages. So, with the help of Senuke TNG you can index your backlinks with ease of click button. And I have tested that too and it has worked with 85% success rate approximately.

Senuke TNG Review Specified Templates: There is always more and more templates designs for campaign.  Web master always looking for new templates to accelerate their website ranking in search engine. In earlier version we have got specific and limited amount of templates with senuke but there are loads of pre build and proven templates inside Senuke TNG. And I have tried 3 of them on one of my website. Even I am trying one of them on that particular website.  I have got decent result till now and will post the result of this specific website soon on that very page.

Wait and Retry Feature:  I have found that one very simple and almost same as earlier version. It seems to be little improved as it does wait for some time if any error occurs during registration. But I really don’t think it can make any difference.  I may be wrong but till now I don’t get very good feeling about this features at all. So, sorry again but there is nothing special on this feature. Period

Senuke TNG Review Training:  Well that goes beyond early expectations . if you are new in Senuke  or seo tools then it will be very fruitful for you. But never mind even if you are advance user and experienced marketer you will gonna love it as it will teach you everything from beginning to end. It will teach you how to create new campaign and new email id and also teach you how to create your own templates and advance strategic methods.


First and Foremost, it can rank your website on first page of google. I have tested it and it works. (I can mail you proof of ranking if want to check).

It provides unlimited number of emails and verified proxies.

Its equally good for new users and advance users.

Content creation and spinning is top notch quality.

High quality authority links are way to go. Best stuff and feature for every IM.

No need to buy captcha if you gonna use Senuke TNG. It can solve any kind of captcha

Top level, genuine  and working  templates.

High quality video training for each and every member.


Each and everything in this world does have some drawbacks so I would love to be honest with you and tell you that Senuke TNG Review is not 100% perfect and maintained software. It does have some drawbacks like you must have to learn it completely to use it at its full potential. Secondly, I don’t like the quality of proxies they are providing inside Senuke TNG. As I am using private proxies it does not matter much for me but it may not be good for you. Other then that Senuke TNG is steal and top class software.



Senuke TNG is a great program for the newbie’s as well as professionals as it randomly helps everyone in settling the online business and helps it touch sky heights. As I said earlier you can rank your website with the help of Senuke TNG Review easily. The only thing you need is to rank your website is to learn the software at it’s potential. I’m already ranking my websites with the help Senuke TNG. And the best thing is they provide 7 days free trial. In case you don’t like the you are free not to buy it for your online journey. But I suggest you to try it at least for 7 days.And more over they have 30 days refund policy. Which means if you buy the product and don’t really like the product then you are free to return it any time but remember within 30 days of purchase. And don’t worry about their support system. They have 24 support desk open for their customers. You will love the product for its dedicated service and support.

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            • - Top Notch Templates
            • - Video Training


            • - Proxies Only!

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